Helping HK school students get into medical school
Our regular events delivered by renowned speakers and UK doctors are an opportunity to get a taste of the world-class teaching delivered for our Medefine Academy each year. 

Our highly personalised events are delivered by London doctors and authors of the award winning, international best-selling book The Unofficial Guide To Getting Into Medical School. 

Similar to the Medefine Academy, we strive for quality, not quantity. Our events are performed in small groups with a maximum capacity of 10 to 20 participants per session. This ensures attendee participation and the ability to focus on their strengths and weaknesses. 
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Largest medical conference in HK for school students

1 day, 800+ school students 

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Current online events: FREE events, one-day work experience and medical internships


FREE Talk: Applying to Oxbridge/top universities

FREE event for PARENTS and STUDENTS: strategies for applying to top universities (eg. Oxbridge, London universities, HKU) for medicine or biosciences.

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Research INTERSHIP: 10 week online research internship 

Learn about medical research and perform your very own research project. For both MEDICAL and SCIENCE applicants.

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Past events

FREE Conference

HK Aspiring Medics Student conference 

A free, student-led conference: the largest HK conference for school students passionate about medicine.

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Work Experience

Emergency Medicine: Work Experience LIVE Online

Open the best-kept Secrets of Pre-Hospital Medicine | LIVE Emergencies, Blue Lights - Medicine ‘On the Road’!


Work Experience

General Medicine

Work Experience LIVE Online

Discover which medical speciality is right for you!Join doctors across paediatrics, cardiology, psychiatry and diagnose your first patient!

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Work Experience

General Surgery Work Experience LIVE Online

Step in the surgeons' shoes, learn the ins and outs of surgery, practice key surgical techniques and knots.


FREE Event

FREE Event: Medicine applications - practical tips&tricks

Get to hear top medical school application tips & tricks from our London doctors! FREE Event

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Our international bestseller:

The Unofficial Guide to Getting into Medical School

Available on: 


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