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If you'd like your school/academic institution to get involved in the conference by sharing the event with your students or by helping with organising, we'd love to have you on board. Your school's/academic institution's logo will be on our website, plus you'll receive a certificate of partnership from us at the end of the event to recognise your efforts.

Moreover, we'd be very happy to support your school/academic institution and your students interested in MEDICINE in the future with free presentations and resources for your school/academic institution.

*Please note: there is no cost involved, participation and support is completely free.

Education adviser/counsellor/ society/students gets in touch

We will schedule a 15 minute call to meet each other and see how we can best collaborate.

Your school will become an official partner for the conference, sharing this event with your students/other schools.

Logo will be on this website and you'll receive a certificate of partnership.

We'll support your school and students interested in Medicine in the future with free resources and presentations.

Blue Sparkles

How to register:

-Send an email to with the following:
-include your name, email and/or role at the school/university
-the name of your school
Once you send us the email, a member of our team will be in touch with you to schedule a call within 7 days.

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